The Parnell Society 2018

2018 Parnell Summer School 12-16 August
Theme: Democracy Triumphant?

On 14 December 1918, Irish voters went to the polls in an election unlike any before. Amidst the aftermath of world war and the tumult of post-Rising Ireland, the election was contested under an enlarged franchise which included for the first time some women among its electorate.

The anniversary of what the political scientist Peter Mair characterised as Ireland’s ‘mobilising election’ presents the perfect opportunity to reflect on the history of democracy in Ireland. In 2018, the Parnell Summer School welcomes a host of academics, writers and politicians to examine themes such as representative democracy, legitimacy, political thought and activism, international influences, and the role of women from a range of historical and contemporary perspectives. In doing so, speakers will interrogate our democratic traditions and consider the challenges confronted in the past as well as those now emerging at a time of increasing political volatility.