The Parnell Society 2019

Parnell Summer School, 11-15 August 2019

Avondale House, Rathdrum, Co. Wicklow.

Theme: Beyond borders? Ireland and the wider world

When the First Dáil met one hundred years ago, it not only declared Irish independence, but issued a message to the free nations of the world, calling for international recognition and asserting belief in the principles of international law. In 2019, the Parnell Summer School welcomes a host of academics, writers, politician and activists to examine Ireland’s changing place in the world and international influences on Irish society before and since 1919. Debates will focus on conceptions of nationalism, religion and society as well as migration, examining issues such as the role of the Irish diaspora in political and social change, the experience of Irish emigrants, and the contribution of immigrants to Irish society from a range of historical and contemporary perspectives. As political sands shift around the world, Ireland’s role will be assessed, interrogating debates on international relations and Ireland’s place in a post-Brexit world.